What I learned recently?

What is the last thing you learned?

I always wondered where all the water was when snow melts. There can be so much snow, but the sun comes out and there are no huge puddles. So where does it go to?

I was watching a TV show called QI, a comedy quiz show that comes up with ‘quite interesting’ facts. I’d never realised that snow is mainly air, I wrote about it a few days ago, and I learnt it from the show. Snow is crystaline and so its spiky structure traps air. So ten centimetres of snow only leaves about one centimetre of water. That’s why there aren’t huge floods after even very heavy snow fall. Rain is much more damaging and with climate change we are getting a months worth of rain in a few hours nowadays.

Yes I’m British and yes I talk about the weather a lot. Its what we do.

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