Went singing!

I went back to choir practice tonight after about six weeks off. My chest infection seems to have finally subsided and I’m just left with a tight feeling in my chest and my voice is a bit growly so I was coughing a bit after trying to sustain notes.

I did have fun, we sang some sea shanties, including Haul away Joe. A Ghanaian song, a song from Australia and one about a Low bridge on the Erie canal.

Sopranos, Altos, Tenors and Bass singers were all there and we harmonised really well together. I’m really sorry I missed the Christmas Carol pub crawl and the Wassail in January. I’m glad to be back!

6 thoughts on “Went singing!

  1. Christine. How good is that? Singing is so good for us especially in a choir. I use to sing in a band at my old church and was in a community choir with my work. What Australian song did you sing? Lynn

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      1. Yes that was the word, the song was passed on to us by an Australian. We sing songs from all over the world. I really like Maori songs like one called Ehine.
        I guess as we learn by repetition we get some knowledge of beautiful music from around the world xxx

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