Horror films

I don’t do horror films, I think they are illogical and silly. I’m sure I could watch a comedy one, but I get irritated by the serious ones. My hubby watches them and I do some art or read a book…why?

The main character seems to run upstairs when she (usually a woman) is chased. Or goes down into a cellar with a torch that isn’t working properly. Then something horrific happens to a friend who has just called round (in the middle of the night) to see how she is settling in. The result is she hides somewhere silly and dangerous, trying to keep one step ahead of the ‘ghoul’ who has either a mask or makeup to hide their identity. After an hour or so of idiotic chasing where ‘spooky’ activity happens and various other cast members die horrifically being hit on the head with copper saucepans and malt vinegar drownings, eventually she finds the front door (three steps from the bottom of the stairs) escapes, and gets run over and killed by a tractor towing glowing turnips…

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