Fuel price cap

Later today the United Kingdom is going to be told the new price cap for Gas and Electricity which will affect the cost of bills. The price is set to skyrocket to about £2300 a year in October but then £4200? Per year in January! Bills are going to be unaffordable for the poorest in society and the question of whether to heat or eat becomes very bad if all you can afford to buy is cheap tinned food but you can’t heat it up.

The UK is supposed to be the sixth richest nation in the world but we seem more interested in giving the fuel companies shareholders masses of money instead of supporting our citizens. Our government is currently deciding who will replace Boris Johnson by letting 160,000 members of the British Conservative party choose the next prime minister instead of doing something about the cost of living crisis. Note to Liz Truss who is likely to win. If you cut taxes that’s fine for the rich, but a lot of people don’t pay them because their incomes are already too low. A 1% cut of nothing is nothing.

4 thoughts on “Fuel price cap

  1. The oil companies have shot themselves in the foot with their greed. People who can afford new cars are buying hybrids. The demand for gas will go down, then people who buy used cars running on just gas will be able to afford the gas. I can’t do the math to compare pounds to dollars but our economy is messed up here too. It might get worse before it gets better.

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  2. As the wealthy get richer the rest are being left behind – I can’t say I support any one party – but the current Tory party need a wake up call. They lack integrity, feather their own nests and waste millions. I think the outrageous raw sewage issues for our beaches are probably just as scary – and yet the execs do nothing whilst grabbing dividends instead of meeting legal obligations. If I had ever run my own businesses like that I’m sure I’d have been put behind bars.

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    1. Yes, there’s a lot of bad things going on but a real lack of moral integrity. Shareholders are paid from excessive profits and what is the strategy of the leading candidate for tory Party leader and prime minister? Tax cuts that will give the richest more money!


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