Digital mosaic of a coastline. I was watching a programme about Nasa’s Perseverence Rover on Mars tonight and saw that it is due to try and climb the delta into a crater on Mars called Jezero crater. It struck me how the martian landscape is very similar to ours. There was water on the planet a few billion years ago which filled the crater. This could be one of the places where they find evidence of life on Mars.

3 thoughts on “Mosaic

  1. Yeah I saw a program on TV something about how Mars was the same as Earth but lost its gravity. The future is a weird place. With CRISPA I wonder if they will one day be able to develop humans that can live in the landscape. Just speculating. 🤔

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    1. Yes it’s only got 38% of our gravity because its much smaller. Its atmosphere gradually leaked into space or was blown away by the solar wind because it doesn’t have a magnetosphere to protect it. They said its only 1% of the thickness of ours now and made of Carbon Dioxide (which is heavier than Oxygen).

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