I was writing about a budgie earlier and forgot to post what happened this evening.

I posted this information on the local neighbourhood watch page…..
Watch out for someone looking over gates into gardens…
I was watching TV when I saw, through the side  window, a man leaning over our gate and looking into our garden. He was white, probably in his forties, with dark balding hair and about Six feet tall, wearing a dark shirt and trousers.
My husband went after him and caught up with him up the hill. He asked what he was looking at and the man said he’d been looking at my husbands new motorbike (it’s very old and tatty) because his sons Honda motorbike had recently been stolen. He apologised and then they spotted the budgie, (another story). BUT, we have no proof that the man was telling the truth, so I’ve drawn the short straw to stay up and listen out.
And the motorbike is chained with two chains to a ground anchor, the gate is padlocked and chained. So the man hadn’t better bother to come back!
Now! Someone or something has knocked over the milk bottles by our gate so I took a walking stick with me opened the front door and shouted ‘what you doing’ to the street in general. Looked up and down, can’t see anyone. After the motorbike theft in March I’m a bit nervous!

12 thoughts on “Suspisions

  1. It sounds like the bike is safe chained down. Don’t risk your own safety by confronting some bad guy who might be desperate and dangerous. OMG. Around here so many kids are shooting each other every day. I guess you don’t have that problem over there but it seems like they want to settle every argument with a gun here. And the kids are out running around the city at night. And they defunded the police! It’s insane!

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      1. They are mad. The cops do take a lot of guns off the street but we have so many because it’s one of our rights. And that won’t go away because the govt. is the bigger threat since they have the most guns in the world, and also hold the record for killing the most Americans. Sad and ironic as it is, we originally got that right to protect us from our govt. by our founding fathers, who didn’t trust any govt. from becoming corrupt.

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      2. Yeah, it’s still the Wild West. I don’t know the answer other than people need to teach their kids the value of life and how adults solve problems without guns, but until that happens it won’t end. Some black community leaders are trying to stop the madness. So many kids with no guidance, too many guns easy to steal.

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