Retinopathy test

I have had my annual retinopathy screening and all looks fine.

We are really lucky to have this service on the NHS. We pay for this in our tax and National Insurance contributions.

A technician puts some very stinging drops in your eyes, that’s the worst bit. The drops open your irises to let the light into the back of your eyes. Once your eyes are dilated you sit down in front of a machine. You put your chin on a rest and lean your forehead on a bar. Then you stare at a green flashing dot. First directly in front, then to the side. Each time the technician takes a photo of your retina.

Finally you get a set of four pictures of your retinas. The technician let me take a photo of one of them to show my hubby. I’ve included a close up of one of them here, plus my (still) dilated pupil. The technician could not see any problems but I should get the full results in a week or so.

I was lucky to get the appointment locally. I had been offered one 10 to 20 miles away, but as I was not allowed to drive with the eye drops in it would not have been feasible to travel.

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