Farewell to a friend I never met. A woman a little older, and a lot wiser than me. Someone I admired and thought of often. I knew that she was going, but I didn’t want to believe it.

Waking up this morning and hearing on an email that she passed away has made me feel very sad. Wishing that she had been given a bit more time. But this is real life. People die and leave big or small holes in your life. I’d followed her blog for two or three years and always enjoyed it. I probably read most of her posts and enjoyed joining in her Thursday writing prompts. I particularly loved reading what her small dog felt about what was happening.

She bought interest into my life and we chatted in the comments on her blog occasionally. I’m sure there was a lot more about her that I didn’t know, and this is meant to be a small tribute to her. To say Farewell and to offer condolences.

I am want to say thank you to her partner Stuart for letting us know it has happened. Not knowing and just finding someone has disappeared is awful. I hope it is OK to have written this.

Rest in Peace Sue Vincent. 29.3.21

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