Sewing kit

All oof my cotton thread has been disappearing over the last few months. I was beginning to think we had borrowers like in the Mary Norton book ‘the Borrowers’, or maybe some magic elf Taylor using it to do invisible mending on worn clothes?

But no. I found my hubby winding my cotton thread around a mast and spars he’s attached to a toy motor boat. He’s taken the engine out. Why? Because he was having problems with the battery pack. So instead of getting a new one he decided to glue and tape the masts and cardboard sails to it. He’s been using the cotton to support the spars and mast. The boat looks like someone on Waterworld or Mad Max has been at it. It’s steam punk meets origami! I won’t show you a photo. I did find out he’s modified it a few times, and each time he’s used my cotton thread! Boo!

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