I’m sorry we don’t have some of your tablets today, was my greeting when I visited the pharmacist today. Why what’s happened? Didn’t the doctor include them.? I asked. No its a problem with getting the right strength, there’s a problem at the manufactures I’m afraid.

Well when will they be in, I asked, I can’t not take them. (Do they think they are an optional extra?)

Should be in Monday. Give us a ring then. I asked for assurance they will be in. We will try, we might have to ring round, she said. Well I’ve got a few spare. I said, but what if they aren’t in? Then I said ‘and what happens with Brexit? We both looked at each other askance…

2 thoughts on “Tablets….

  1. Oh God in Heaven don’t get me started with pharmacists managing to lose part of prescriptions, only having three tablets in stock and think you’re gonna be happy with just the three and come back to collect the other 97 tablets after 10am on Christmas Eve or something daft.

    Hannah and I both had our details removed from the Lloyd’s pharmacy next door to the surgery during the first lock-down and in the last few months her boyfriend’s inhaler hasn’t been in stock or ready to pick up three times which is a pretty essential item really – BREATHING.

    The almost nonchalant attitude is the worst thing so last time they didn’t have his preventer inhaler, I told him to get the full prescription back so he could get it dispensed elsewhere which is a nightmare when the pharmacy is contracted to work directly from GP’s. The other option was check the stocks of nearby branches, make a few phone calls and at least pretend they’re doing what they can.

    By no means am I being unsympathetic to how much these services are under enormous pressure, I used to run care homes and worked in a really busy hospital admissions and discharge team but that’s my issue. What was s legit pressure and having to work in unprecedented circumstances seems to have become a standard excuse for not having essential prescribed medication not items ordered for collection in Argos they don’t have in stock 🤬 🤬

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    1. Oh I’m right with you. Most months there will be tablets missing, but this was the first time they blamed the manufacturers. Thing is these are regular meds for probably millions of people. What are we supposed to do? Stop taking them….? Change to something else without a doctors consultation? I have no idea. Might have to contact the doctors and see what they say…

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