When 4ft =4ft 9″?

My wooden slats to replace the old ones on our garden bench we’re ready for collection today. I went up and collected them but a nagging doubt tickled the back of my brain. So by the time I’d got them (5 of them) to the car I thought these are too long? I stood them up on end, I thought they were about six inches shorter than me, which would make them about 4ft 9″, not the 4ft I had ordered! I went back in the office. Just ask someone to cut them down to size was the response. I walked down to the warehouse and was called inside a huge, cavernous building, with bits of wood stacked and strewn everywhere. I spoke to a young lad who said they had probably left the timber a bit long incase I’d measured it wrong (I didn’t say his boss had measured it). Fine, just cut it to a bit over 4ft. We agreed to this. Then an older man who was supervising the young lad came over. I explained what had happened. He helped set up the machine and I asked for the timber to be 4ft.

I finally left with my bits of wood plus some short, 9″ lengths left over my hubby can use on his model railway.

I got home and tried the slats out against the bench. They are about 6″ too long! So the boss didn’t measure it right in the first place! Argh!

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