College musings


Our discussion today was about Levi-Strauss the anthropologist and his discussion about how food can be an analogy for life.

I found it hard to follow, Raw was the raw ingredients, before things are transformed by cooking. Then he discusses how cooking by boiling is somehow female, while roasting is male? Then raw can go to cooking, then rotten or directly to rotten. We discussed the paths we are taking as artists on this course. Have we gone from raw and unformed to cooked, and do failures in ideas indicate rotten. We also had to read from Richard Sennett’s book ‘The Craftsman’ which helped to explain the ideas.

Someone suggested pickling or fermentation as other outcomes. I have been an artist for so long I don’t know if I’ve changed that much? Possibly, as they say practice makes perfect.

Just a little picture of my world at the moment.


2 thoughts on “College musings

  1. Levi-Strauss — I haven’t heard that name since graduate school. How would he explain dried meat that’s not cooked and not rotten? And for art? Direct Heat changes natural pigments’ color. Boiling it is meaningless. I don’t know…. Sometimes I think people should just shut up and paint. I think I thought that in grad school, too. “Shut up and read. Shut up and write.” 😀

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