In the summerhouse


It needs a spring clean. It’s full of junk, bits and bobs, old magazines, a cat bed, basically it needs a good clear out. But where can I put the rubbish. The scrap yards and recycling places are closed. And even if we were we are not allowed to go. Bottle banks are full. Rubbish will build up so when things eventually get back to normal people will be fighting to get rid of stuff. As it is we had a problem with fly tipping (people leaving rubbish in alleyways and behind buildings). Now because people are not allowed out that has stopped to some extent, but no doubt it will start up again….. I’m going to make sure we dispose of our rubbish responsibly. But not everyone seems to have got the message.


4 thoughts on “In the summerhouse

  1. Christine I hear what you are saying. I have heard reports of people taking this time to declutter and with everything closed there is nowhere to put it, charity bins are all overflowing. Many have illegally dumped their rubbish or recycling 😟😢. Happy Easter, Stay safe and well x

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  2. Absolutely agree. One potentially good or helpful way to get rid of clutter is to stick it on websites like Preloved or Freeloved if you want to give it away free of charge.

    I’ve got so many things from that site and donated items you’d never in a million years expect folk to want.

    You could stick them on and include a note to say they will be cleaned but must be collected at an arranged time so you can leave somewhere safely 🙂


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