Had to look this up….

“Pareidolia is a psychological phenomenon that causes people to see patterns in a random stimulus.”… “This often leads to people assigning human characteristics to objects. Usually this is simplified to people seeing faces in objects where there isn’t one.”

I definitely have this, whether it is a positive or negative thing. I see patterns in most things. I’ve drawn over this picture which I’d mirrored from a photo, so you can see the images I could see in it. I haven’t drawn everything I could see, and I’ve used a bit of artistic licence.

6 thoughts on “Pareidolia

  1. Sam was assessed by an OT when he was in primary school who was amazed by the way his brain processes visual information and said she’d never met anyone that sees shapes and textures like that before.

    One of the tests she asked him to do was copy a simple drawing of the overlapping circles like the Olympic rings. He sat and took forever copying it and was drawing the outline almost like a flower with petals and then started to fill in the centre bits. Until she asked him what he thought he was drawing / what he could see it didn’t even dawn on him they were just simple overlapping circles. Once she said it the penny dropped and I remember him being really embarrassed that he hadn’t realised they were just circles but she said he had the most unique way of seeing and processing things.

    He used to have frequent bouts of Alice in Wonderland when he was young and still gets the odd do even now but it’s not frightening to him the way it used to be. Can actually induce a bout of it just by staring intensely at one object until its size and shape changes completely. Really bizarre.

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  2. I’m also intrigued now as to what you see with the red outline. I initially saw a Hindu / yoga pose and then I saw like a clown face with long straggly hair. Only after studying it for a good couple of minutes did I see two faces looking at each other.

    Wow. My head is mashed now.


    1. Well I added the red people to and try and indicate what I was looking at. I can also see a creature at the centre with long straggly hair. I can see other animals too…. Sorry to mash your head. There’s someone on Facebook who does something called Shibui found art, where she makes splashy backgrounds with paint and then finds and draws animals and plants in the patterns


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