Got to tidy up


I don’t like to admit it, but my house is a mess. This is one bit of it. It’s not all that bad, but I need to go through things and shred them or burn them. Why? Because I don’t like putting personal documents out in the bin. There are so many people who can take your details and use them. I wonder whether posting on line is safe sometimes although I try not to go into specifics.

Friends keep telling me that creative people are messy. I think I agree with that. But I need to tidy up. Now I’m feeling a bit better I might be able to do it before Christmas.


8 thoughts on “Got to tidy up

  1. Most people think creative people are messy. I’m not. I can’t think or imagine if things are all crazy around me. My theory is that creative people — like all other people — are individuals. šŸ™‚


  2. I love having a good old sort out. I’m fairly tidy minded until my pain gets bad then it all goes to pot. My son however, is a “mess wizard”. He’s back from Uni for Christmas and it really shows!!! Lol.


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