The hunt is on for new owners.


This is Woody, formerly known as Smudge. He has apparently been abandoned by his owners. It turns out he us nine years old, and he’s been living in our summerhouse for a few months. He’s a healthy cat and loving. We would take him in but our cats live indoors ( they are rescue cats and won’t let me take them to the vets for inoculation.) So they have to stay in, and he stays out. But it’s getting towards winter. I think he needs to be a single cat, and to be allowed freedom to come and go. But us a warm hearth too much to ask? Cats protection are putting out an appeal soon to try and find someone to take him in and give him the love he deserves. I think he will need attention to get him back with humans, but he likes to be loved and sits on your lap to be stroked.

Apparently black and white cats are not popular, which is strange as all the cats we have had, except one, have been cute black and white.


4 thoughts on “The hunt is on for new owners.

  1. Naww he’s gorgeous! You know what I’d do / maybe mention to the guys at Cats Protection working hard to find him a new home – contact any local farms, smallholdings or places like that.

    We had a lady whose four cats all needed urgently re-homing and they were welcomed and still live on a dairy farm inside the barn / old cattle stalls. Have the benefit of both being able to roam outdoors but have shelter, food and company as well.

    If Smudge has been living outside up to now he’ll probably be an ideal candidate for sprawling on bales of straw, getting food when he wants some and being able to come and go and do what cats do when nobody is looking.

    If you have a general area Smudge is in at the minute I’ll certainly ask and see if any of our farmer and horsey friends your way can help 🙂


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