Being mugged by a cat.

In all my years of cat ownership I’ve never been mugged so much by a cat. He’s not ours, he can’t come in as I have two rescue cats that are very happy. They won’t like having another one.

The cat who keeps visiting is getting fed every day. He comes to our back door and miaows. My hubby feeds him and so he’s getting big and fat!

Now I’m happy to look after him outside. But he’s too healthy and friendly to be feral. Perhaps he’s a stray, but if he is he must be being fed by other people to get so big! I’m thinking of putting a paper collar on him to try and see who his owners are? I could do with some advice please.

6 thoughts on “Being mugged by a cat.

  1. Since you already have a picture of the cutie pie, spend an afternoon walking around the neighborhood and ask who this cat belongs to. I did that with my cat and nobody claimed her, so she was taken to the vet to see if she was chipped. She wasn’t, so she’s been a wonderful addition to the family. Couldn’t live life without her.


  2. I think checking for a chip is a good idea. That’s what I did with a stray six years ago that I was feeding outdoors. Turns out he didn’t belong to anyone and I ended up with the sweetest cat I named Joey.


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