Cutting back the garden

My arms and shoulders ache….. 15613995116447467723912424759612.jpg

I found our pole saw and secateur in the shed so I decided to cut back a Holly bush which is bushing out into almost a tree and taking up a lot of the light.

I am not very fit so I held the pole with the secateurs over the branch and my husband pulled the cord that works them. We managed to cut three or four foot of branches, raising the skirts of the Holly. We also cut back ivy that was growing up the trunk of our Walnut tree and I tried cutting back a buddlea.

My arms and neck are so sore and stiff now. As my hubby said, unaccustomed work is difficult.

Now the Ash tree we had cut right back is growing again. How do you stop it when it’s not dead? It was too big to be cut down completely.

Meanwhile, did I mention I’m an aching wreck. I’d better get ready for choir practice.


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