Two faces


They had known each other since childhood, but when they left school, they went there separate ways.

Sophie knew her friend had got married and had two children. But not much more than that.

She herself had gone to college and then university, now she was back in the old town looking for Jean, but she was having trouble tracking her down.

In the end it was a chance meeting with another old friend that lead her to find Jean again.

She was sitting at a table just inside the door of the cafe when a man walked by. He must have been looking for someone but he saw her. He stopped and stared then came towards her… Sophie? It can’t be? A smile on his face. It is! Hello, how are you? He was asking those little questions you ask someone when you haven’t seen them for years.

The man told her that Jean had moved to the south of the town with her partner. It was a couple of bus rides away, but not too far.

Sophie set out, she hoped that Jean would be in when she got to the house. As she travelled she thought of all the things she wanted and needed to say. There was a long history between them, and she had found out something they had never known as children.

How would Jean react? The bus pulled up and she got off. She checked her mobile. The address was two streets away, near the river.

She walked quickly, trying to stay calm. She could have tried to phone Jean but she didn’t know her new surname. How would she take the news? Life was strange…

She found the modest terraced house halfway down the street. She stood looking. A tiny front garden with a brick wall around it. A modern front door. Could she, should she knock? Yes.

Jean answered the door and took a few moments to recognise Sophie. Oh my God! How are you? What are you doing here??

Sophie took a deep breath. I’ve something to tell you. Can I come in?

Jean smiled, yes, of course, would you like a cup of tea, or coffee? Have a seat. The living room was small and chintzy.

No its OK. Maybe later. Do you remember how close we were when we were children?

Yes. Two peas in a pod people used to say.

There’s a reason for that. I found it out. I was looking on line at my family tree… Sophies voice trailed off..

And? Jean wanted to know…

I won’t beat about the bush… We are sisters, twins!


Yes, twins. Your mum adopted you because my mother could not manage to bring up both of us. Dad was out of work if you remember. ..

But we don’t look alike?

Non identical twins. Sophie replied.

So you want to know more? Jean nodded. Yes please…

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