You said


You said she was having an affair.

Did I?? I don’t remember..  .

Yes, about 10 minutes ago, you told me, you said she was seeing him.

Well I might have been wrong.

So? Is she or isn’t she?

Well I’m not sure now…..

Oh come on, I missed half of it…. John rang and I had to answer, then you went off on one about trains. And you tell me half a story.

Well it’s complicated.

Complicated? Oh you must know….

Do you think it’s going to rain later?

What? What’s that got to do with it? Just TELL me what is going on, please.

No, I can’t remember, sorry. Anyway it’s only a soap opera.

Oh for goodness sake!

Playing with writing a duolog. I didn’t want to describe the people talking or to add details of their landscape.

In my mind one is male and the other female  Could you tell which is which?

I didn’t want it to be clear at the start that they were talking about a TV programme so I left it until the end of the discussion to mention a soap opera. I don’t know if this sort of squabbling is anyone else’s experience.

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