Parliament is not prorogued


I don’t often put news on this page but this is historical.

Our Prime minister, Boris Johnson decided to prorogue parliment for five weeks before it could decide what to do about Brexit, which is due to happen on 31st October 2019. (Brexit is Britain trying to leave the European Union). He did it to stop MPs meeting and stopping him from working towards Britain leaving without a deal although he said it was so he could write a Queens speech (when government say what the legislation in the next year will be).

This was challenged at the Supreme Court because the members of Parliament argued that this was wrong and had stopped the working of MPs.

After hearing the evidence last week, the Supreme Court (the highest court in the land) gave a unanimous verdict by 11 judges that proroguing Parliament was illegal because it stopped it doing its job. The prime ministers action was illegal and his advice to the queen to ask for permission to do it was unlawful .

Our government has been found not to be acting lawfully. The ruling means that parliament has not been prorogued, and that the speaker of the House of commons (the chamber where MPs sit) can recall it immediately.

This judgment reaffirms that the executive (the Conservative party) which is in power, is NOT above the law.

It is now being discussed on the TV. There is a lot of arguments, but it really is historical. Its very complicated but I hope I have explained clearly.