It depends

What do you do to be involved in the community?

I have been a volunteer in the past and taught a few classes in adult numeracy and literacy. I’ve painted murals for a hospital and school, which was a paid job, but it was for community projects. I’ve served on a few committees both politically and for the community, and I still try and help to some extent.

My problem now is that I am not as mobile as I was, and after finishing work early because of my health I am out of touch with a lot of things. But I do still sing in choirs which are entertaining for communities, and I try and donate what I can. It troubles me that I’ve stepped back from things. That can knock your confidence. I also helped moderate a couple of websites for a few years, but they closed down, and after spending two or three hours every night dealing with problems and spam, I was glad to stop. I’m still happy to deliver leaflets, despite meeting snapping dogs at the letterboxes.

So my answer is, it depends what I’m capable of, but I try and do something where I can.

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