Car exhaust sabotage?

UPDATE! XXXX if you read on please note the nylon fibers are ‘Muffler hair’! It’s stuff they use to muffle the sound from the car exhaust. It is because the exhaust pipe is breaking down and the fibers have escaped!

I originally wrote : Someone has stuffed nylon hair extensions into my car exhaust! I went out this morning to a meeting and when I came out I saw what I thought was hair hanging out of the exhaust (tail pipe). I pulled at it and dragged out a whole hank of the stuff! I tried to feel inside the exhaust but couldn’t tell if there was any more.

On closer inspection it was black brown and grey nylon, like a hair extension. It was quite strong and you could see the sheen on it like dolls hair. I decided to drive home carefully. I kept below forty miles an hour so that I didn’t put too much pressure on the system. At home I saw some more strands hanging down, so I pulled them out too.

Then my hubby and I decided to go out to a local garden and lake, as we drove along I saw a couple of Police Community Support Officers, so I pulled over and asked what I should do. Clearly there was no way of identifying the culprit so they said make a note of it and if it damaged the car I should report it to my insurers. When we got to the gardens there was more so we removed it.

I checked again when we got back to the car after the walk. This time I took hubby’s advice and revved the car hard in neutral. More nylon, a really long strand! Finally we got home. No more stuff. Hopefully it’s all out. It really concerns me that someone would do such a stupid trick!

SO I WAS WRONG, IT IS PART OF THE EXHAUST SYSTEM. Also now I know we need to get it fixed!

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