RIP Raymond Briggs

My version of the Snowman character as Briggs work is copyright

Rest in peace Raymond Briggs. Author and illustrator of ‘the Snowman’ ‘Fungus the Bogeyman’ ‘When the Wind blows’ and ‘Father Christmas’ among others.

Briggs was 88 and a respected cartoonist who had a cheeky, irreverent style. His books included Fungus the Bogeyman who squelches around his home and environment in a grumpy way, Briggs created a stinky lovable character. Father Christmas is not happy climbing down sooty chimneys and would rather live in a warmer climate. When the wind blows is about an old couples life during a nuclear attack. Its scary and thought provoking. Finally the Snowman, which is a classic Christmas story is about a boy that befriends a snowman and flies off on an adventure. It’s been on the TV many times.

He was a fantastic illustrator and made his characters come alive. He will be missed and lots of obituaries have already been published about him.

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