Cold in the house

Brr. It’s a bit chilly in our house. I’m trying to save money so the temperature is 17.4°centigrade or 63.14° farenheight. But I relented and put the central heating on. It will go back off in a while but at least I’ve stopped shivering.

Gas and Electricity bills are going up 54% in the UK , so the next one might be a lot bigger. Its frightening. Having to turn off heating and lighting is not good. But I guess it’s OK in one way, if it means my carbon footprint gets smaller? I’m privileged to be able to just about afford things. Many people in this country can’t. We have to find a balance between our needs and the planets. Crazy situation.

4 thoughts on “Cold in the house

  1. Christine I understand about the cost of Electricity / Gas Bills. It doesn’t get too cold here in Brisbane and usually no heater needed by me, but I do wrap up with a blanket. I use more power during the summer months trying to keep cool. I don’t have air conditioning but do have two ceiling fans that I regularly use. Every fortnight when my pension is paid I forward $15 to the Electrical Company so my power is prepaid. Keep warm Christine xx

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