Blue bins

Seeing double.. Our bins have doubled overnight, which is great if you don’t mind having to fight your way past them or walking on the road. We should recycle but I try not to buy stuff in plastic tubs or bottles. In return they are cutting our collection to fortnightly. I can imagine our grey bin overflowing by then. We really did not need extra plastic on the street. It’s just cost cutting again.

2 thoughts on “Blue bins

  1. I don’t believe there’s anywhere in our city that they allow your bins to be on the sidewalk, but I can see it would be problematic when you don’t have boulevards of shoulders to the roads. In Seattle they have alleys through most of the areas if they don’t have boulevards and they pick up bins there. I live in a more rural area where there is plenty of room on edges of property or ends of driveways. I have to say, I wouldn’t look forward to a stroll down that sidewalk. Is there another place bins are stored when it’s not collection day? Or are they always on the walkway? We have recycling bins, garbage bins, yard waste bins and compost bins. Rather than cost cutting on their part, they keep adding more separate bins as required and charging us additional fees per bin.

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