Don’t Get Scammed!

Tiffanyarpdaleo has shared her experience of someone trying to defraud her. It makes interesting and helpful reading.

Tiffany Arp-Daleo Art

I almost fell for a scam today! 😞😞😞 I want to share my story in case it happens to you, beware!

A person messaged me through Instagram saying they really wanted to purchase my painting Split Personality, of course I was elated!

“Split Personality” the almost SOLD painting!!

After a couple of exchanges, she agreed on the price and shipping costs and she asked for my email so she could send me money via PayPal, very eagerly, I noticed.

Immediately after I gave her my email, I got a text from PayPal with a code that said “do not share this with anyone” then, she texted me asking for that code! 🤔 Then, she started calling me, through the Instagram app, pressuring me for the code. I didn’t answer. This is not my first rodeo!

If I had given her that code, she would have wiped out my bank…

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