I’ve got a few local presents to deliver, but the ones to family who live far away are going to have to wait. My concern is that so much stuff is being posted that without special delivery things may go astray. I sent a card to a friend in Yorkshire a week ago with a little gift, he still hasn’t got it? It’s annoying because I can’t send him another one.

Life is changing. It looks like the tier we are in, in our part of the country, is likely to increase. We are having an announcement this afternoon. This is now getting frustrating. We could have been in lockdown for longer, but the government wants to be matey, friendly, lenient. So mote people have died. Around 68000 so far in the UK.

Not the merriest of Christmas’s


6 thoughts on “Presents

  1. This is absurd, “the government wants to be matey, friendly, lenient” — the message we’re getting from the government is so contradictory. It says, “Stay home!” and then tells us that restaurants remain open at 25% patronage. Schools are open. This is open. That is open. Bars, no but last call is 10 pm. None of this makes sense. I had to tell a friend last night that I don’t feel good about her coming to visit in January because 1) I have health problems that make C-19 dangerous for me, 2) my doc advised against it, 3) my friend has had a lot of close contact with a lot of people in the last week. I haven’t heard back from her, but I’m sure she’s disappointed. I am, but I really don’t want to get sick.

    On the other hand, my doctor got the first half of the vaccine yesterday.

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    1. I have a friend who regularly goes walking with other people, yes it’s outside but I still think she should wear a mask. I always do when I walk with her. She may feel seeped (local word for offended), but it’s my life and I do the same with anyone else I walk with. I hope your friend understood xxx


      1. ❤️♥️👍 It will. I don’t know when. I think about people suffering in wars, and diseases like ebola, and famine. The west has been lucky up to now. We will probably still come out of it better than poor countries who can’t afford the vaccine. X


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