If you have 20 minutes, watch this Ted talk.


I wwas just told about this talk by Sir Ken Robinson in a Ted Talk conference about education in 2006. I had never heard about him before and I’ve only ever seen a few Ted talks but he makes a really good argument about how children lose their creativity because of the way schools are run. I urge you to watch.

4 thoughts on “If you have 20 minutes, watch this Ted talk.

  1. Couldn’t agree more! At our school we have an Ofsted inspection coming up. It is heartbreaking to see all of the really good quality work put aside in favour of getting good results on paper that can be proven so we can get a good rating by people who are far less experienced in teaching than ourselves. It drives me insane! (Sorry, got into a bit of a rant – I think this is a sore spot for me.)


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