Keep away from cats!


Lilies, and particularly their pollen are very dangerous to cats. We have moved ours away from paths in the garden so the cat cannot brush past them. I think it effects their kidneys and can cause serious health issues, possibly including death. We don’t normally grow many as they are usually killed by lily beetles. This year we were lucky? They are still lovely flowers, but I might reconsider planting them next year.

4 thoughts on “Keep away from cats!

  1. I didn’t know about Lily pollen and cats – thanks so much for the tip! The only time my little baby (actually huge, lively one year old cat) got sick and had to go to the vets was down to a close encounter with an aloe vera plant! The poor little sausage, she didn’t feel well at all and then had to go in a cat carrier. On top of that the vet then put a thermometer someone she strenuously objected to! It was a bad day for everyone.


  2. I don’t use candles anymore since she came to join our family. She’s longhaired and clumsy so I don’t want to risk it. I still light incense sticks (Frankincense) but I keep those in places she can’t get to.


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