Toy trains


Came home to a broken toy train that my hubby said wasn’t working because a part has come loose. When we looked a wire had detached where the solder had broken. I tried heating up a knife blade and pressing it very hard onto the solder which melted but didn’t tack down. When I tried again with a hotter blade it burnt the solder away.

Finally I tried tacking it down with a bit of insulation tape, and when that didn’t work I tried a small piece of cardboard rolled up and tucked under an overhang of the engine to force the wire and metal strip into contact. As he has taken it away to the shed, and as he hasn’t come back in I’m hoping it’s worked.

Later he came in, it was not successful, he had a problem with it making big bangs! So it had made a connection, just the wrong one! Oops!

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