Firework night


Remember remember the fifth of November, gunpowder, treason and plot….

That’s the rhyme we learn as children in the UK to remember the date of the gunpowder plot when Guy Fawkes tried to blow up parliament in the reign of James 1st I think? Hopefully no one will try to do the same thing again.

There is a party mood around this time of year. People build bonfires and place effigies of ‘Guy’ on them. (Children go out and collect change from people by making their own Guys and asking for ‘a penny for the Guy’.).

Fireworks are set off to celebrate. Nowadays people tend to go to organised displays. There sometimes are private bonfire parties and you can buy very big fireworks. However there are quite a few injuries every year with burns being a major factor.

I remember spinning Catherine wheels, volcanoes, bangers, rockets and roman candles and other old favourite fireworks from my childhood. My best memory was writing my name with a sparkler (a metal stick with a burning chemical on it that sparkled when you waved it about when it was lit).

Food was jacket potatoes cooked till the skin was flakey and black, with lots of butter and salt. Fried onions and sausages and tomato ketchup.

We always built the bonfire high over several days. We didn’t know you were supposed to build it on the day as hedgehogs could be hibernating under the pile of wood.

Good memories. Now I stay in and keep the cats safe and secure.


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