2 thoughts on “Seamus the Rescue Cat

  1. I am Anne Copeland, and my own blog is http://www.allinadaysbreath.wordpress.com. I really LOVE your writing, and I can only encourage you to publish your dragon story. You can self publish with Amazon KDP.com and it is free to go ahead. You know, I too have the same fears and thoughts as you do about writing and publishing my work. I too wrote two children’s stories and have not yet published them. I think you are an amazing person and so talented. Your everyday writing is excellent, so I am sure any stories you write will be wonderful. I am 77 now and know I better get busy. I don’t have illustrations ready though I too am a mixed media, fiber, urban, and interactive artist. I found your site via the pottery site, which I have also done and love too. anyway, if I can find where to follow your blog, I want to do that. I have to go back and read your cat story. I have six little dogs, all chihuahuas except two, who I think are some kind of mixtures. Three of them are rescues, and all seniors. One of my rescues is deaf and he has a collapsed trachea and legs that look sort of deformed, but my significant other thinks he might be part rat terrier. We named him Ratatouille. And then there is the cat, Yao Yao, who is an inheritance cat from one of the seniors in our mobile home park (So. CA) who passed on. She was declawed when I got her and one of the other rescuers said she would be kicked out by a relative from that home if I did not adopt her, so of course I did.
    I took Raku years ago, and it was at a junior college in Arizona where I used to live. I remember coming home day after day smelling like a cough drop, but it was my all-time favorite form of pottery. I think I loved it so much because there is a place where no matter how hard you try to control it, once it goes into that part of its finishing, you don’t have the control anymore (at least we neophytes don’t) and I loved that aspect of it.
    Well, I am going to look on this site for how to follow your writing, and then go back to the pottery blog and look for a way to follow that one too.


    1. Hi Anne. Thank you so much for your warm response. I’ve looked you up and am following you now X. My life may be getting busy as I’m trying to get a job so I will be blogging a little less frequently perhaps? I need to get my old computer fixed, edit the story (it’s years old) and yes maybe find out about publishing x thank you!


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