Panto rehearsal update….


I would love to show you photos of today’s rehearsal, but that would spoil the surprise for people coming along to the performances. We are having one more dress rehearsal then on Thursday, Friday and twice on Saturday the show will go on!

Many months of work has gone in to put Robin Hood (and his merry men (and women))on the stage.

Instead of importing a script we have the honour of it being written by one of the directors.

I can’t reveal much, but the cast includes a feisty Maid Marion, a well groomed Robin Hood and a Sheriff of Penkhull who is obsessed with taxing the poor. Instead of an archery contest Robin is challenged to take part in another sporting tradition.

In the second act the cast (possibly) travels around the world to resolve the love story between Marion and Robin.

As you can tell there is a lot of fun to be had at the panto! Next week is going to be busy … But hopefully hilarious!


4 thoughts on “Panto rehearsal update….

      1. I am sure you will. I can remember many years ago my friend and I got involved with some people who put on plays. My friend became an non-speaking german tourist and I sat behind the scenes as the prompt for everyone. I don’t remember the name of the play.


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