Egyptian strawberries


I don’t want to bother you with politics. But (and there always is one), my country is about to go through Brexit, which is, British exit from the European Union.

We are lucky here, we can get food from around the world, we can afford to buy it, unlike some places that have been exploited and kept down. But for how long?

If we want strawberries from Egypt or other countries we don’t currently struggle to get them. There are pan European trade agreements which allow their movement across the continent. But without them things might find it more difficult. Perhaps they could sail through the Mediterranean around the bay of biscay and up the Channel… By which time they may not be as fresh and that’s without any storms. Or they could come by airfreight but there may be more checks at Borders..

I know its not happened yet but I wish we could see the results of this strange decision and how it will affect us.


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