is the world hollow?


Read a comment where someone thinks we live INSIDE a globe! But consider… If we did where does the sun go at night.? You see it set.. Are there holes for it to go through. Also the moon rises and sets.. Where does it go? The moon has phases.. But if we lived inside a globe they would not look the same from every position inside the globe…. Also where would the water be? If the hollow spheres walls were thick enough to hold you down by gravity, the gravity from the other side of the sphere would also be pulling water upwards so effectively you would have no tides except for the sun and moon which would have to be tiny to fit inside? Final point.. Stand on any part of the inside of the sphere use a telescope, you would be able to see across the sphere to continents above your head… And as a bonus how do you fit all the galaxies and stars inside… And where do they go in the daytime.?!

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