What do you do when ……?



Last year I was in hospital for 4 days. I was very ill, but as I recovered I got bored.  The only tv I could get was children’s TV. I was staring into space.

So I got my partner to bring in a sketchbook. The first drawing was of the window and the clouds because I was stuck in bed. The Sun was shining and I included the shadows cast on the wall. Fluffy clouds, something to make me wish I could get out!

The next day I did another one, but I must have drawn it later in the day because the shadows had moved. Also the window frame is far darker so the sun must have been higher and closer to mid day.

I always draw to keep myself occupied, whether its a sketch or a digital drawing I have to do it.

If I don’t draw you know I’m really ill. …!


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