Portraits/ portraiture

One of my favourite things is to paint portraits. I started when I was little, I used to draw Elizabethan people. I was intrigued by the clothes that they wore and the stylised look of the pictures.

I was soon drawing fellow pupils at school. It was the 1970’s so some if the fashions and hair looked quite odd compared with today. But then my teenage self would probably look at todays clothing and feel pretty much the same.

I used to practice drawing eyes or noses or mouths. I would try and work out how the angle of the jaw changed depending on where you were looking from. My passion was always for faces. I got quite good . One day I will have to find some of them if they have not been thrown away… the photos of paintings here are much more recent.

Nowadays I frequently use photos to work from, these pictures were either painted commissions or presents for friends. I would like to do more.

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