About me and my Art

For as long as I remember I have created art. From copying pictures of Asterix the Gaul and drawing Elizabethan men and women when I was a child, to getting a studio at Spode in Stoke on Trent to paint in, I have always had to make art.

Even when I was away on a training course for a few weeks, I had to transform the blank, grey walls into something more visual, and after putting up drawings, wrapping paper and pictures from magazines I felt much more at home.

As a child I would hang pictures off strings that I had crisscrossed my half of the bedroom with because I had run out of wall space. At school I was asked to paint a picture for one of the teachers that was leaving, and ended up having a piece of art displayed in our towns twin town (in Germany I think).

There is so much more I could talk about, but I hope you find a little bit of interest in my pages here.FB_IMG_1508320246100