Hello πŸ‡·πŸ‡Ί Russia


Maybe this could be shared?

Hello Russia, I know a very few people read my blogs over there and I want to say something about what is happening in Ukraine.

People, Children, women and men are dying there. Cities are being attacked. Innocent civilians are being shelled. We have seen video of apartments and schools and hospitals being bombed and attacked. Children suffering cancer no longer get the treatment they need. Why are you doing this? Don’t you care?

This is not a special operation. This is WAR.

These are war crimes. This is murder. There are ordinary people being killed. Your soldiers are not fighting a just war, please try and ask yourselves whether your cities are being bombed?

Putin says the leader of Ukraine is a neo nazi. He is actually a man of Jewish descent, he was an actor, he is just fighting for his country.

This WAR could escalate. Why? We were at peace, there was no hate. Two weeks ago Putin massed 190,000 troops on Ukraines borders, now they are on Ukrainian soil. Killing, destroying homes, making people homeless. We need PEACE NOT WAR.

Sending love and respect to Russians. Please listen and think.

Update, Russian army shelled the largest nuclear power station in Europe (six times bigger than Chernobyl) and started a fire. Fire is out but it could release massive nuclear fallout. Is Putin mad?

7 thoughts on “Hello πŸ‡·πŸ‡Ί Russia

  1. Ukrainians are kind, willing to give support and warmth to Russian soldier who was left alone in Ukraine border. We hope the War could be over soon in Taiwan. War is cruel, nobody can take it. May the peace rest in your country soon.

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      1. Wow, are you in Ukraine now? People there are suffering, which reminds of Taiwanese to be on our own when it comes to war. I think most countries support Ukraine, even China converts their position.

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