🌃 Night and bonfires

The apple tree shimmers in the wind, shadows envelope it and suck out the colour from the leaves. The sky shades from dark brown to black as the clouds flit by. Sulphur Street lights making orange highlights.

Overhead a firework flashes, the whizz bang startles me… Laughter from excited children in a neighbours garden…. No bonfires on bonfire night, but fireworks for the week before. Some so loud the cats jump and startle. Frightened by the sparkle of unexpected explosions.

So many people seem intolerant of pet’s needs. They don’t seem to care how frightening it is for them. I tell mine that it’s only a loud noise and to be calm. I think if I talk quietly to them it helps…

Ker-ak another rocket flies overhead. Meanwhile I wait for a clearing in the sky. A meteor shower is due. No chance, it stays cloudy, more rain and cloud forecast…

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