Using my calendar?


I’ve not been booking anything on my calendar for a couple of months. I haven’t felt able to arrange things except for routine things. But suddenly today I’ve rung a couple of people and booked a visit on my calendar, it doesn’t sound like much, but it feels more positive. The sun is actually shining, and although I haven’t been outside I’ve opened the curtains (for a few weeks I’d kept them closed). My hubby goes out and works in the garden and I tend to sit around. I’m only really accepting that I’ve been feeling down now, after the event. But when you start to cry for no reason you know you are getting low. Reasons? Life, caring for someone, problems my relatives are having, health issues. I have felt stuck in a rut, too many responsibilities and feeling a total lack of energy. My mojo needs to come back.

I’m glad people can talk about their mental health. I think it’s a good thing. Whether I should talk about it online? I don’t know. But because I’m feeling a bit better I’m happy to share.

Dont ignore your mental health, get help if you need it. You are not alone. I can’t see inside people’s brains, but I do know they are complicated.


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