Late to bed, late to rise….


Another late night. Not getting to bed at a reasonable time…

They say early to bed, early to rise makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise.

So the opposite? Makes a woman unhealthy, poor and stupid?

I do know that people on late shifts suffer more mental health problems. Eating late at night is linked type two diabetes and heart problems. But when your partner used to work till 1 am and you were cooking the evening meal just after 1, it’s hard to get out of the habit. Then again sometimes I get up early so I only get five or six hours sleep. With that and medical issues it’s no wonder I’m prone to illness.

Currently I can hear the wind blowing and as our double glazed windows are not well sealed I can feel a bit of cold air from them. A draught. The rain was drumming on the roof a few minutes ago. My guilt at not having found our stray cat a home yet continues to gnaw at me. Maybe soon he will be in a new forever home.

So on the eve of Christmas I’m just getting organised to visit friends and relatives. Presents bought. Several cards not delivered as I’ve either missed the post or not been well enough to visit.

Oh well. It is what it is


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