Clocks, going back tomorrow night.


I live in the UK and the clocks are due to go back at two am tomorrow night, that means :

Advantage… Extra hour in bed

Disadvantage….. The sun sets an hour earlier. The winter blues set in. I hate it when the sun sets before 5pm. It takes ages for it to set later than that in the winter. It’s so depressing. Why? Because the Earth is tipped by about 23? degrees. That means in the winter the sun rises further south east, curves in an arc further south than in summer and sets further south west. The hours it is visible in the sky are less. (in the summer around here the sun can set about 11pm and rise about 3am!).

Cold and dark, shivering, chilly. Even now you can feel the year dwindling.

And… WORDPRESS changes from one day to the next at midnight. Not 1am as it does in the summer. That means I have an hour less time in the evening to post before the clock ticks into the next day….


7 thoughts on “Clocks, going back tomorrow night.

      1. Thanks. I don’t know why ours is 2am. I hate it. Darker evenings seem to extend forever. I remember in the 1960’s or 70’s Daylight saving time being left to continue all year (for three years?). Apparently there were less accidents on the roads, because school children could see better even though they were tired at the end of the day.

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      2. The clocks always go back at 1 AM GMT.
        This is the same time as
        2 AM in British Summer Time ๐Ÿ˜‰
        3 AM in summer time in most of central Europe (France, Germany, Italy, Poland etc..)
        4 AM in summer time in Finland, Greece, Cyprus and the Baltic states


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