Right, I’m not going into details. If you live in my country you will probably know what this is about. There is so much animosity on both sides that needs discussing but no one seems willing to stop and think.

I signed this, so people in the know will realise what side I am on. Democracy seems to be crumbling but the point is that we should have a choice.

Imagine if there is a death penalty. A man is accused and found guilty of murder. He sits in prison for three years and the sentence is due to be carried out next week….

Then more evidence comes to light. His best friend had told lies to make it seem the man was guilty. The police now know and the sentence could be quashed…?

Does the supreme court of the country

A: let the man out and take action against the true killer?

B: carry out the sentence because its already cost thousands and everyone thinks he’s guilty anyway?

The point is that referenda and elections should be based on facts. If it is found that the information was a lie it should either be rerun or revoked. Not doing so is not because people are sore losers but because something akin to a dictatorship is happening.

Democracy allows for new elections or referenda to change the government. A mistake has been made. We must rectify it and not cut off our noses to spite our faces.

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