Friar Tuck


Friar Tuck was standing looking out over the forest. Swathes of it had been felled to use in the war and gaps had appeared where ancient oaks had once stood.

The friar was waiting for the return of Robin Hood but he was overdue. He should have been back two days ago. But there was no sign of him.

Winter has come early that year and all the outlaws from Robin Hoods gang were struggling to survive. They had built huts to live in but had to be careful about lighting fires because most of the wood was wet from the snow and it gave off a lot of smoke. Fire and smoke might be seen by the sheriff of Nottinghams men.

Friar Tuck turned and spoke to one of the outlaws. ‘Tell me if you see anything’ he said.

Just then a bird flew up about half a mile away on the main forest track.

Quickly Tuck gathered the men. ‘We need to find out who it is’ he said. ‘ If they are supplies for the castle at Nottingham we can capture them to feed us’ .

‘Remember though, do not kill or injure anyone if you can help it. The good book says that killing is a sin’ .

‘But what about theft friar?’ Asked Will Scarlett. ‘Have you not heard of tax?’ The friar said. ‘We are redistributing a portion for the poor.’

So they walked quietly into the forest. Ropes were laid in the deep snow and stretched between two large fir trees. They cut a few of the lower branches down and used them to sweep away their footsteps in the snow. Then they walked through the trees until they were behind the cart laden with food. It was surrounded by 6 guards on horseback….

An arrow whizzed past the ear of a guard. Someone shouted loudly from the wood and the guards horses startled and one reared throwing its rider into a snowdrift head first.

Three of the other horses galloped off with their guards hanging on to their reins. The final two and the cart sprang forward towards the rope between the trees.

‘Now’ shouted friar Tuck. The rope rose infront of the cart and horses. They stopped in their tracks. Suddenly they were surrounded by men in hoods holding up longbows and arrows. Any thought of fighting was forgotten.

Friar Tuck rubbed his hands together. ‘Food at last’ he thought with a huge smile on his face.

Just then a flash of green appeared from between the trees. ‘Let’s  share this with the villagers’ said Robin. Friar Tucks face fell. ‘Yes Robin’ he said.


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