New phone

I’ve got a new phone,  and am having my tablet fixed.  It went off yesterday and would not come back on. I tried charging it but apart from getting hot it would not hold charge.

I went to our local computer shop but they don’t do batteries so I had to find a phone shop…..

I saw a new phone.  I haven’t updated my old one for years. The pictures keep having errors and the keyboard was not working half the time. It would switch off before I had finished typing…. Also the camera on it was not very clear…. When they took the sd card out it was huge next to the nano sd cards they have now.

So in for a penny.  I bought a new phone.  Not paying monthly.  I told him that I don’t want a contract. He cut my old sd card down to size.  I have lost old photos, but it’s too late now.  Anyway this has bells and whistles…. Just trying to work it all out.  I’m old fashioned and I don’t want to be bothered every 5 minutes with offers.  Plus I don’t want to keep changing phones. I think we should not waste resources and follow fashionable trends.  I hope this phone lasts as long as my old one.


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