To be honest I know very little about Buddha or Buddhist principles or the religion. I tend to think of it as something that is very peaceful and kind, although recently there has been news that thus is nit always the case.

Being brought up in a western country you dont tend to find out the ins and outs of the rest of the world’s religions, and I have just gleaned small amounts from various news stories and documentaries.

The idea of seeking enlightenment seems very sensible to me and also the understanding that you do not need to surround yourself with worldly goods. We seem to have too much baggage and stress in this country. I was interested in The fact that the boy’s who were stuck in a cave for several days in Thailand went into a monestery after they were rescued for a short while and became Buddhist novices.

I find the image of Buddha can be very appealing, we go into a Thai restaurant called Sawadee in Stoke and there are Buddha’s everywhere, so I decided to do a couple of sketches, one before we had our food, and one afterwards. The food was so good I gave the owner one if the drawings to say thanks!

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