Coffee time


Im sitting here with a cup of decaff coffee, its going cold, scrolling through social media sites, reading blogs, answering comments sharing posts…..Why?

Why? There was a tv programme in the 70’s…

“Why don’t you stop watching TV and go and do something less boring instead?” (Or something like that ). And I’m not doing much if anything!

Why!? I am probably being self indulgent, I know I’m not feeling well, but is that an excuse? I have been sucked into social media, more than that I have allowed myself to be sucked in. It’s part of that privilege that people in rich countries can have. I don’t say everyone has it. There are homeless people here in this town, there are people without food, let alone smart phones.

Because I can sit down with a coffee I have time to think, because I’m an older person I don’t have children to look after. I’m not currently in a job although I am trying to work for myself.

But that attraction to the internet slugs me round the head every day, check this, check that, check emails. … I still can’t keep  up with them…..

So if I’m not around responding to you it might be because I’m painting, or doing neglected housework, mending things, gardening…. the addiction might be hard to break. Maybe I will become more productive…maybe I will end up helping others more!


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