Scenery and props

I love painting scenery and helping to make and paint props. Not all the ideas are mine, but that doesnt matter. It’s just the pleasure I get from doing it. It’s my chance to paint big and with vigour.

The horse heads above were made by makers for the Mystery Plays a few years ago. I painted them to be picasso-ish. The town above the sea was from a suggestion of what Hull could look like and was painted for a Mystery play about the river Trent.

The final two pictures sit one above the other. They were used to reveal a scene about Easter which is why there are three crosses painted on it.

Painting scenery is a balance between painting quickly and with enough detail so it looks Ok from both close too and far away.  The scenery should give you an idea of what is going on, but not overwhelm what the actors are doing.

The Mystery Plays are led by some very creative directors and producers, as I say I work to their brief, without them I coukd not do this!


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